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An Extensive Inventory Of Quality Fertilizers in Shreveport LA

Choose Our Products For A Healthy And Fertile Lawn

Adding quality fertilizers to the soil helps keep your plants looking healthy and green. Count on Pro Pest and Lawn Store to provide you with first-class fertilizers to improve the quality of your soil.

We carry more professional turf fertilizers than anyone else in town. Turf fertilizers incorporate slow-release technologies not found in most farm and garden fertilizers to slowly release nutrients to your lawn over time.

Let us help you develop a fertilization program for your lawn that is suited to our Southern climate and to your individual soil and species of lawn grass. Don't guess on your needs. Come see us and we will help you.

We also stock high quality, OMRI certified organic fertilizer.

Visit us at 4726 E Texas Street, Suite 150 for all your lawn fertilizer needs.
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for all your fertilizer needs.
We can also create a customized composite for your lawn. Call us today to learn more.
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